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In God we Trust – At Art Style Silver & @excessive21, we curate and craft sterling silver jewelry that embodies the essence of biker, gothic, skull styles. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources like Holy Scriptures, Gothic and Baroque architecture, Americana and biker culture, our collection showcases 925 silver and leather masterpieces. Explore our unique assortment featuring skull rings, cross pendants, medieval bracelets, wallet chains, and a variety of premium leather goods.

We pride ourselves on offering lifestyle accessories that steer clear of generic, mass-produced replicas. Our dedication to authenticity shines through each handcrafted piece. The Biker Jewelry and Leather eZine, a pioneering blog, serves as a valuable style compendium, catering to newcomers eager to explore this distinctive genre of jewelry.

Biker Jewelry diverges from traditional styles, boasting a distinct lack of conservatism and a robust, masculine allure. Recognizable by its bold motifs, influenced by the grandeur of Gothic and medieval church architecture, it’s a testament to creativity and individuality. Fusing leather, including exotic variants like crocodile and snake skins with sterling silver and striking designs, biker jewelry encapsulates the essence of freedom and self-expression. It’s not confined to bikers alone; it symbolizes the liberty to embrace personal style without constraints. Wearing biker jewelry is an assertion of independence and personal sovereignty.

Explore our meticulously crafted sterling silver pieces that are intricate, unique, and handcrafted. Each item is a wearable masterpiece, a blend of artistry and precious metals, designed to be both a statement and a cherished heirloom. We invite you to discover and embrace the bold, fearless spirit of biker jewelry, transcending mere fashion to become a powerful expression of identity and freedom.